Hair salon and its waiting room

1 sierpnia 2017

What is the first thing that we see after entering any hair salon? Of course the waiting room. That is why the person who owns such business should take some time to think about the design of this area, as the first impression really matters!

If the customer enters the hairdresser’s waiting room and feels comfortably, almost like at home, it is more than sure that he or she will be positive about that hair salon and people who work there. That is why, waiting room designing should be taken really seriously.

How should it look like?

You need to constantly remember that hairdresser’s waiting room is the showcase of the whole salon. Every customer, who waits for his or her turn, should have an opportunity to spend that time in the great atmosphere. Remember that people visit hairdresser not only to cut, dye or style their hair, but also to relax and pamper themselves, and it should start right after they walk into the salon.

So how can you create that cosy atmosphere that makes everybody feels good in your waiting room? First of all, think about the colour of that space. Don’t use any dark colours as they aren’t really positive. The best choice are warm colours, like peach, dark yellow or the colour of coffee with milk. They are really elegant and they go with many different styles. Of course, those who love bright or intense colours, may use them, but for example only on one wall.

waiting room in hair salon

Waiting room furniture is also a very important matter. We need to choose the right shape, size, colour and of course style of each of them. And it’s not as easy as it may seem, because nowadays number of models available on the market is simply overwhelming. However, sofa is the first thing you should take care of. It has to be really comfortable, not too big but also not too small. If there is enough space in your waiting room, you may also buy matching armchairs or poufs.

While picking furniture to the waiting area of your salon, you should also look for an elegant coffee table. If you serve hot drinks, your customers will have a place to put away the cup of tea or coffee. But it is also the perfect place for some magazines, which are great entertainment for waiting clients.

You also need to remember about such details as hangers for the coats and jackets, which is very useful, especially when the weather is bad. What is more, some decorations, like for example pictures on the walls or flowers on the coffee table, will also be a good way to create warm atmosphere in the hairdresser’s waiting room.


Ashley Cody