How does the perfect waiting room look like?

31 lipca 2017

For many people every visit at the hairdresser’s is not only a chance to change their appearance, but also the time to relax. They go to such places with a huge smile on their faces, and expect to be treated with a proper care. However, skills of the hairdresser is not enough to make clients happy. You also need to create pleasant atmosphere in your hair salon, especially in the waiting room to make a good first impression. But how to do it?

First of all, you need to be aware of the fact, that the interior design of your waiting room should be coherent with the rest of the salon. So, if the whole place is modern or cosy, the waiting room should also be created in such style. Of course, sometimes it is not easy to find the perfect furniture, but it is worth our time and effort, as there is no doubt that the final result will be exquisite. The furniture should be nice, but they also need to be comfortable, which is a priority in this situation. Most clients come to the hair salon earlier, so the hairdresser doesn’t have to wait for them. So they usually spend about 10 to 15 minutes in the waiting room. And that is exactly why, waiting room furniture needs to be comfy, as your clients will really appreciate it.

waitinig room area

But what kind of furniture should you buy to the hairdresser’s waiting room? There is no doubt that every waiting room has to be equipped with the proper sized sofa. Even in very small spaces, there should be enough room to put there some kind of sofa for at least two people. If the waiting room is quite big, you can also buy similar armchairs, and of course a coffee table. That way, you may serve your clients something to drink or simply put some magazines they can enjoy while waiting for the treatment. You should also remember about the hanger, so everyone can leave their belongings, like coats, jackets or hats.

What is more, if there is not much natural light in the hairdresser’s waiting room, you need to take care of some lamps, which also should match the whole décor. The light shouldn’t be too bright, as it has to bring a peaceful atmosphere in the waiting room.

As you can see, hairdresser’s waiting room is a very important space, and that is why you should think carefully about its décor. Don’t do it in a rush and take care of every little detail, as clients will definitely notice the effort you put in such room. And the thought that they feel really comfortably in your waiting room, can be the greatest award for your hard work. So don’t waste any more time, and start creating cozy room for your future clients.



Diana McKinley