How to design a waiting room in hairdresser’s salon?

4 marca 2017

When you wonder how to care about possibly the best hair salon’s equipment, you usually know that you will need a lot of objects. It’s hard to say which of them have greater impact on your success.

However, there is one certain fact – the waiting room is the first place which the customer can see when he comes to your salon. That’s one of the reasons why you should care about attractiveness of that place firstly. Indispensable furniture in the waiting room are: sofa, coffee table, reception counter, hanger or wardrobe for customer’s clothes and display of cosmetics – if there is an opportunity to buy them in your salon.

The waiting room is usually also a place where the hairdresser’s salon divides on two parts. It is a very significant area. That’s why it’s important to locate there a comfortable sofa and a small table where you can place the coffee or the magazines. You can’t also forget about hanger and wardrobe for the clothes. That tiny solutions make the customers feel almost like at home.

waiting room

Sofa is the furniture which has to be located in every waiting room. It’s not the same with display of cosmetics. Anyway, it’s a good solution in the salons, where the hairdressers offer the clients selling the products. The waiting room is a place when you also has to locate reception. Remember that you can’t choose furniture with low quality.

Reception represents the hair salon. Of course there is not only the one idea of  design – receptions differ in appearance and size. What is obvious – it’s worth to care to create special and nice atmosphere there. 


Victoria Williams