How to prepare a waiting room in a hairdresser’s salon?

4 marca 2017

The customers who come to the hair salon, sometimes have to wait  for some time to be served. The little delay is absolutely normal, even if they are appointed to a concrete time. What is more, the customers don’t see it as something wrong.

There is also a kind of clients who come to the hairdresser’s salon purposefully. Most often it is caused by propriety – the customers don’t want the hairdresser to wait for them. It makes the waiting room a very significant place. There is one more important feature of it. Sofas and armchairs in the waiting room let  the customers who have been served already to wait comfortably for an another treatment.

Therefore, the waiting room represents the hair salon and a lot of people admit that they make their decision about choosing the salon, according to that, how the waiting room looks like. It's obvious that the customers who come to hairdresser’s salon first and foremost think about changing their appeal. However, there is nothing surprising in it, that they also come there to rest and feel relaxed. That is why you can’t think only about hairdresser’s comfort when you create the hairdresser’s salon. It also has to be a space where your clients will feel at ease and glad. The colours are very helpful although, if you choose them inappropriately, they could also dish all your efforts.

waiting room design

It is indicate to avoid gaudy colours. If you really want to use them, they have to be only on one wall - the rest has to be toned. All the warm colours as dark shades of yellow or orange are the very good choice. Another interesting idea is to use a green colour, which is valued as calming. A verified arrangement is a connection of black and white but it’s good to breach a monologue of that colours by red.

You also should remember that the colours have to please not only the customers but also a hairdresser - they can’t disperse him. Of course you also have to know that the styles of the salon and the waiting room should match each other, unless it is an exactly planned  operation. Colours of the walls are very important but you also can’t forget about the role of proper chosen furniture. The choice of hairdresser’s furniture is huge, therefore a decision about an exact pattern is not so easy.



Ashley Cody