How to design ideal waiting room in the hair salon?

31 lipca 2017

Waiting room is a very important space, that creates the image of the whole hair salon. This is the first thing that clients see after they decide to enter the salon, so every hairdresser should really carefully think through its design. It is not an easy task, but with some professional tips, you may create the incredible space, which will astonish your clients. You just need to put some effort in it, and the final effect will be surprising.

Start from the beginning

The first thing that you need to plan is the style of the whole place. Some people prefer traditional designs, while others love modern solutions. It depends only on your own taste, as you need to feel comfortably in the place where you will spend most of your time during the day. 

Then, as the business’ owner, you have to decide about the colours which will be used in the hair salon’s waiting room. Most people do not appreciate too bright, too dark or intense colours, and that is why you should consider those which are warm and elegant. The colour of coffee with milk is quite popular, but also some shades of yellow and peach. If it seems to be too boring for you, try to paint just one wall in more intense colour. But, remember to make sure that is goes with the rest of them.

waiting room design ideas in hair salon

Find the furniture to the waiting room

Hairdresser’s furniture have to be very comfortable, but at the same time they need to look good and match the style of the whole place. The number of models available on the market is great, so it isn’t easy to choose them. 

But what kind of furniture should you actually buy to the waiting room of your hair salon? Of course, you have to invest in a good sofa. It doesn’t need to be big, as it depends on the size of the waiting room. You should also find space for a small coffee table, so you may put some magazines on it. Also, don’t forget about a hanger for any kind of overcoat.

As it comes to the reception, the size of it shouldn’t be too large, as clients don’t really like it. What is more, it needs to be located in a way to be visible right after the client enters your hair salon. But, remember that it can’t face the sofa directly, as the receptionist and people in the waiting room may feel a little bit uncomfortable looking at each other.

Of course, you should also pay attention to details, like elements of decoration. Fresh flowers are always appreciated by the clients, but also some nice pictures on the walls and curtains in the windows. Such things may really help to create the atmosphere of the hairdresser’s waiting room.



Diana McKinley