Hairdresser’s waiting room – how to design it?

2 sierpnia 2017

You may think that waiting room is the least important part of the hair salon, but you are wrong! Of course, the main part of the visit at hairdresser’s takes place somewhere else, but the waiting room is the first space that clients see, and as you know usually the first impression matters the most. So, you can’t simply put less effort in designing this area of your hair salon, because the clients may not be pleased with the results of your work.

Furniture for hair salons

Imagine that you enter any hair salon. What is the first thing that you should see? Of course, the reception. The client, especially the one who visits the salon for the first time, don’t want to search for the person who may give him or her information about the dates of appointments that are available or the range of services offered by certain hairdresser. That is why, the reception should be located directly opposite the entrance. But if you can’t do it, try to find the space as close to the main door as possible.

Another important piece of furniture in the waiting room is a sofa. No matter how small the room is, you should make sure that there will be space for sofa. It doesn’t have to be big, it just need to be comfortable. Of course, while choosing the design and colour of it, you should take under the consideration the style of the whole hair salon. In the bigger spaces, you may also put matching armchairs, as they are very elegant and clients love to sit in them while waiting for their turn.

waiting room in hairdresser

Every waiting room should also be equipped with the coffee table, where magazines can be placed. It is also very useful if you decide to serve your clients some hot and cold drinks. What’s more, don’t forget about the proper sized hanger, so everyone would be able to put away his or her coat, jacket and any other belongings. Some hair salon’s owners decide to buy the whole wardrobe to the waiting room, but it usually takes too much space and makes the room look more crowded.

Showcase made of glass is another hairdresser’s furniture which should also be placed in a waiting room if you sell some hair cosmetics. That way, your clients will have the time to get a better look at them, and maybe make their mind about buying some products.

While designing the hairdresser’s waiting room, you need to think about the colours that are going to be used in it. They should match the style of the rest of the salon, but they can’t be too bright, dark or intense, as most clients don’t like it. Choose warm colours, which are also very elegant.



Victoria Williams