How to create an ideal waiting room in a hairdresser’s salon?

4 marca 2017

Hairdresser’s salon is usually associated with a place of metamorphosis and changing an appeal. Therefore, it’s risky to forget that it’s also a place which is defined by the customers as a space of rest and relax, especially when they come there after a stressful work.

The waiting rooms are perceived as some kind of oasis of calm and comfort. Unfortunately, not every place like that meet expectations of the quests. In that case, if you want your customers to leave your salon satisfied and come back the next time, you have to concentrate not only on a high quality of the offered service, but also on the appeal of the waiting room.

The waiting room is a place where your customers come first and where they spend about a dozen or so minutes, waiting for the treatment.  When you create the waiting room, you should remember that it’s style has to harmonize with the rest of salon. Fortunately, it’s not a really big challenge. One of the most important thing is a coherence. It should concern not only style but also character of furniture.

furniture for hair salon

Before the shopping it’s good to ask a question, which end result you expect. If you forgot about a rule of coherence, it would be hard and expensive to fix the mistakes. Of course mixing of styles is popular and modern today but you can’t mix styles which exclusive each other.

There is no a style which will perform well in every waiting room, regardless of circumstances. The most important factor is your taste. If you want your clients to feel good in your hair salon, you also have to feel good there. However, if you have any doubts, it’s worth to ask for advice the professional. You can rely on an interior and spatial designer as well as a hairdresser’s furniture producer. 


Diana McKinley