Waiting room in hairdresser’s salon

1 sierpnia 2017

Everyone who owns any kind of business, knows that it is extremely important to make a good impression on the client. That is why every hairdresser should carefully think about all the details in their salon’s design. And one of the most important areas in such salon is the waiting room, even though many hairdressers seem to forget about it. Don’t make that mistake and take a good care of its design, as your customers will really appreciate it.

The colours

The first thing that you should consider while designing the waiting room, are the colours used in this area. Of course, they should match the style of the whole salon, but they don’t have to be identical in each section of it. Most people decide to use rather calm colour palette, as waiting room should be a place where our customers can simply relax. For most people, the choice in that matter is quite overwhelming, as there are too many colours and usually we need to pick just one or two. So take your time, and think carefully which one will look the best in your hair salon.

The furniture

If you want your customers to feel comfortable while waiting for your service, you need to invest in some good furniture. Every hairdresser’s waiting room, even the smallest one, should be equipped with sofa, where everyone can rest comfortably. If there is more space, you may also buy some matching armchairs, and of course a coffee table. Remember that waiting room furniture needs to be in similar style as the rest of the furniture in the salon.

furniture in hairdresser's salon

Another necessary part of that area is the reception. Its location is very important, as it should be visible right after the customer enters our hair salon, but it shouldn’t be placed in front of the sofa, where customers sit. In this case, both the person in the waiting room and our employee would feel uncomfortably.

Other hairdresser’s furniture, which you have to place in the waiting room, is for example hanger for coats and jackets. If you have enough space, you can also consider buying a wardrobe, where customers could leave their belongings. What is more, if you also sell hair cosmetics, you may want to place them in some kind of showcase made of glass.

It is not an easy task to design the perfect waiting room in the hair salon. However, with some effort and good taste while choosing the furniture, you may create a really cosy area with a unique atmosphere, where all of your customers would feel comfortable. And it is a sure thing that they will appreciate it, and come back to your salon with pleasure.



Victoria Williams