Hair salon's stool – the essential element of professional hairdresser’s studio arrangement

4 marca 2017

Hair salon's stool is a special furniture which is being used during hairdresser’s work. Thank to that, the hairdresser can lighten his spine and feel more comfortable.  

You can buy a mid-range stool by 200 – 300 zloty and they most often will work out properly, providing they are durable and solid. That’s why you should chose a good mark. There are also a lot of much more expensive hair salon stools, made  from better materials, more ergonomic and with more functions. Of course it’s worth to consider buying them also.

Fundamental attributes of hair salon stools

Hairdresser’s stool’s main practice is to help the hairdresser to do his job comfortably. That’s why it has to be cambered to be convenient. There are hair salon stools with or without backrest. You have to choose the one which will be suitable for you and your employee.

hairdresser's chair

For some people the back rest is important, especially when it is regulated. Besides, there are people who don’t like it and it disturbs them. It depends on hairdresser’s style of work and his habitants. If your employee like stools with backrests it’s worth to buy them. But if they don’t, there’s no point to waste the money on more expensive model.

It’s a good idea to buy a hair salon stool with a high scale of regulation. The cheaper ones are usually lower and they have regulation only on level 65 cm. Stools with regulation to 85 cm or more are more all-embracing. Another  interesting option is possibility to regulate a corner of backrest but it’s of course connected with higher costs.

Classic and design hair salon stools

Hair salon's stool, as another salon’s equipment, should match the rest of that place. There is a huge range of models but usually the most popular are classic ones with black or white colour, which match everywhere. If you want to buy a hairdresser’s stool which is covered by fake skin, you can choose more colourful model. You can stand up on complementarity or, otherwise, on contrast. Then you can choose gaudy colours and get an interesting effect.


Ashley Cody