Hairdresser's guide


How to designthe hair salon’s waiting room in an interesting way?

The waiting room is an unusual place. There the customer can relax but sometimes it’s impossible. When he’s sitting uncomfortably between a hanger and a hair washer, he doesn’t feel good and every minute of waiting irritate him. It of course depends on hair salon’s...

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How to guarantee a high standard of hair salon furniture?

It’s hard to deny that there’s large opponent on hairdresser’s market. The new hair salons appear in a big city almost every mouth.  What’s more, they are often located near to each other. There’s some group of the customers who admit that they don’t...

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The shopping in the hairdresser’s wholesaler

The hairdresser’s wholesalers are visited mostly by the professional who  run their own business which is normal. It’s worth to go there also if you are fascinated by the hairdressing or you want buy something for your own. Do you wonder why? There’re a lot of reasons and...

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