How to designthe hair salon’s waiting room in an interesting way?

4 marca 2017

The waiting room is an unusual place. There the customer can relax but sometimes it’s impossible. When he’s sitting uncomfortably between a hanger and a hair washer, he doesn’t feel good and every minute of waiting irritate him.

It of course depends on hair salon’s owner how the waiting room would look like. If you don’t want to disappoint your customers, you should arrange the waiting room in that way that he will enjoy being there. He should feel so good that he doesn’t want to leave the comfortable sofa when the hairdresser calls him.

Of course the basic of the arrange of that kind of space is a comfortable armchair. The customer can rest his back and arms there. He can also sit in the most comfortable way, drinking the coffee and reading the magazines. Then, it’s necessary to buy soft and convenient furniture.

If you worry that there’s no space enough in your waiting room, you should concern buying a sofa. What’s more, some customers prefer it.

waiting room

When you buy a proper furniture, you should think where to place it. There are customers who are reading the magazines in the waiting room but some of them like to observe what’s happening outside. The sofa should be placed edgeways to assure intimacy but also keep the contact with a world outside.

You shouldn’t place the sofa in front of the reception because it’s embarrassing for the customer and for the person who works in the reception. No one wants it. It’s also good idea to locate the sofa in front to the window because the customers interested people who are passing by your hair salon.



Diana McKinley